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Derek Smith is a longtime, effective advocate for job creation in California who has dedicated himself to building people, places, and institutions that last.

Mr. Smith brings his 30 plus years of experience and relationships in land use, infrastructure, clean energy and procurement advocacy as a Strategic Advisor at Lucien Partners.

Mr. Smith is a longtime politico in Bay Area politics, having served on the transition team of Mayor-elect Gavin Newsom, and as a fixture in San Francisco politics regularly engaging with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the Port of San Francisco, and San Francisco City Hall on land use and procurement related matters.

His procurement expertise, in both public and private sector settings, has resulted in the production of over 10,000 residential units, commercial space, educational, and recreational properties.


Mr. Smith's projects have employed thousands of Californians, generated nearly one billion dollars of economic activity, and brought a quarter billion dollars in capital investment to the State.

Passionate about a better California for all of the Golden State's residents, he applies his craft with discretion and vigor. Mr. Smith is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University with degrees in both mechanical (bachelor of science) and civil engineering (master of science), respectively. A proud parent of two young adult sons and a college-going daughter, he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.