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CASE STUDY: General Motors

General Motors was targeted by multiple jurisdictions as an irresponsible corporate actor because the company entered litigation that was erroneously perceived to be aligning with President Donald Trump’s administration. These respective jurisdictions had introduced legislation to prohibit the jurisdictions from purchasing General Motors vehicles.

Two weeks prior to the scheduled adoption of these legislative measures, Lucien Partners was hired to quickly absorb the company’s legal stance, and develop a political strategy to calculate the policy repercussions of moving forward with the prohibitive policies.

Lucien Partners quickly setup meetings regulators and elected officials to gauge perceptions of the company and the fleet of vehicles that were impacted. When Lucien Partners learned that procurement of General Motor’s electrical vehicles would be threatened, this enabled Lucien Partners to leverage conversations with environmental activists and allied labor unions to create a groundswell of opposition to the proposed policies.

Lucien Partners worked collaboratively to assemble a coalition of community interests and impacted political interests to speak about the ramifications about the proposals. This included placing multiple opinion editorials in newspapers covering the jurisdiction, and deploying coalition members to publicly and privately address all of the elected officials considering the policy. The coalition was able to articulate that the elected officials may think that they are taking a media shot at President Trump but the policy impacts would be taking a shot at working families in their districts.


Mobilization of this coalition produced results: the jurisdictions did not adopt the proposed policies.

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