Darryl Lucien is the Managing Partner at Lucien Partners, bringing more than 12 years of senior legislative, governmental advocacy, public affairs, and political campaign experience.

During this period, Lucien has guided over 60 bills into state law and secured hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for California clients and constituents.

During Lucien’s tenure in the Legislature, he served as the chief consultant for the Los Angeles County Caucus, Chief of Staff to multiple legislators, and Policy Director to the Assembly Majority Leader and Assembly Speaker Pro Tem. Lucien has an in-depth understanding of the political undercurrents that guide decision making in the Legislature, which few lobbyists have unless they have served as tenured legislative staff.

Darryl Lucien has been consistently involved in high-stakes political battles with and against some of the most well-financed political groups, including business and labor groups, and won.

In his role serving the Los Angeles County Caucus, Lucien regularly facilitated convenings that included the Metropolitan Water District, Southern California Association of Governments, Los Angeles Unified School District, and County of Los Angeles to strengthen their cohesiveness and mobilize the caucus toward the attainment of regional goals. This has included addressing homelessness, transportation financing, emergency education funding, allocation of Strategic Growth Council dollars for transportation and housing, and water politics.

In addition to Lucien’s legislative experience, he has served as the political director for the California Legislative Black Caucus’s political program, has managed multiple ballot measure campaigns, and managed electoral campaigns for members of the state Legislature. All Lucien Partners advocacy strategies identify and navigate clients through prevailing political winds and land mines to overcome obstacles.

Lucien has worked extensively with organized labor across the state. Lucien regularly works with labor unions to assist clients navigate labor relations and achieve labor peace. His standing in the labor movement also enables him to hold labor leaders honest and accountable during deliberations.

Lucien is a graduate of CSU Long Beach in political science. Lucien is an avid church pianist, bass player, and percussionist. He is a blessed husband and a father of six lovely children.